Monday, February 28, 2011

After almost 5 years, Língua Não Identificada has officially closed for business. I may pull out the occasional Life magazine-style Special Edition/Post - my published freelance work and the year-ender mix may show up - but this blog ran its course roughly a year ago, right around the time I quit my last job and started spending a lot less time in an office. There's something to be said for knowing when a project's over, and this one's had a fine run.

I'll leave the site and its attendant links up; while I've retired from blogging, there's a whole raft of folks still plugging away at their laptops. But the content of Língua itself has been necessarily gutted to make way for future endeavors - the navel-gazing MFA talk of a 23-year-old just doesn't signify for me anymore, and it definitely doesn't feel like canon by simple dint of its existence. Stealing from David Antin, "I reject the idea of a sacred language," i.e. something that's important entirely because it was ever set to paper/blog. There are new conversations to be had in new venues beyond the web, people to love and support, collaborative energies to pursue. So: It's time to leave this one-way street behind and do real things. Thanks for reading!